Forging the ultimate experience from the ground up…

StagePro’s staging division will elevate your event to its apex, providing every structural element required to transform your venue from location to destination. From conventional decking and scaffolding, truss-built room systems, hydraulic-deployed mobile stages - and more - StagePro provides the key to unlocking the door that is your site plan and entering into the world of entertainment that will become your event.

With Apex mobile stages - available in deck sizes of 24’ x 20’, 32’ x 24’, 42’ x 40’, and 50’ x 40’ - StagePro provides a rapid-deployment, all-in-one solution to your decking and roofing demands.

Every new event is an opportunity for StagePro’s staging division to create a customized infrastructure to suit your needs, ranging from spotlight towers, ground-support video support structures, front-of-house/work-wing canopy systems, barricade - you name it - StagePro will lay the foundation for producing the pinnacle experience.