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Apex 3224 Stage

One of the most versatile stages built! This 32x24 mobile stage can be easily set up by 2 people in less than 1 hour. This stage is perfect for those medium-capacity events. 

3224 Stage

The APEX 3224 showcases exceptional versatility, featuring a gooseneck tongue that effortlessly connects to both standard ball hitches and Kingpin hitches. Its trim height, just shy of 16' between the floor deck and the bottom of the roof I-beam, allows either side to function as the stage's front. This strategic placement of taller corner towers at the front facilitates effective water drainage away from the stage's frontal area.

With a range of optional add-ons available, this portable stage stands out as an exceptionally enticing option for hosting medium-capacity events.


Additional Details

  • Dimensions: 32’ x 24’

  • Load capacity (roof): 13,500 lbs

  • Load capacity (fly bays): 2,000 lbs each

  • Towing requirement: 1 ton Pick-up truck

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