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Apex 2424 Stage

This smaller stage is perfect for those small events! The 24x24 has an impressive load and lots of optional extras to add. This stage can be set up in less than 60 minutes.

APEX 2424

The APEX 2424 mirrors the APEX 3224 in roof load capacity but is designed with a smaller 24-foot footprint, ideal for accommodating a more intimate audience. Available as a standard stage or as the APEX 2424 Mix variant, it features drop-down floors, deck extensions, and an "eyebrow," enhancing its versatility.

This Mix version allows for a seamless transition between a regular stage and the mix position configuration without significant part changes. Additionally, the mix version offers supplementary downstage decking, accommodating spotlights and video walls, and the flexibility to open in sections as required. This adaptability allows users to switch between configurations effortlessly, catering to diverse event needs.


Additional Details

  • Dimensions: 24’ x 23’ 8”

  • Load capacity (roof): 13,500lbs

  • Load capacity (fly bays): 2,000 lbs each

  • Towing requirement: Gooseneck and/or kingpin hitch

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