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Apex 5040 Gen 1

The APEX 5040 incorporates California-compliant split axles, utilizing a blend of aluminum and steel materials. It boasts a non-slip floor and comprises a five-section deck, with the central part integrated into the trailer frame and two foldable sections on either side. Furthermore, this model is engineered to accommodate nearly every available line array in the market. Its trailer frame is bolstered at six locations by hydraulic leveling outriggers, allowing for adjustable floor deck heights, thereby enabling adaptation to various terrains and venues.

This stage has been replaced by the Gen3 APEX 5040

Additional Details

  • Dimensions: 50' x 38'

  • Load capacity (roof): 32,000 lbs

  • Load capacity (fly bays): 6,000 lbs

  • Towing requirement: 53’ trailer

Apex 5040 Gen 3

The latest addition to APEX stages, the Gen3 5040, stands as their most recent and largest mobile staging innovation, incorporating cutting-edge technology. This stage redefines scalability and adaptability, boasting a simpler and safer setup. Its overhead beam design eradicates "no fly zones," providing seamless options for suspending items from the roof.

This stage's adaptability caters to events of varying sizes, positioning it as the go-to stage for scalability. The Gen3 5040 utilizes a blend of aluminum and steel, ensuring optimal performance while keeping the trailer weight at a minimum. Featuring a non-slip floor and a five-section deck—comprising a central section integrated into the trailer frame and bi-folding decks on each side—the stage facilitates multiple configurations for speaker, video, and lighting installations.

Supported by hydraulically controlled leveling outriggers at six points, the trailer frame allows for adjustable floor deck heights, accommodating most terrains and venues within a 24-inch variation over the deployed 50-foot width. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for diverse event settings.

329256475_1844249062599708_7049129214961575976_n (1).jpg

Additional Details

  • Dimensions: 50x40

  • Load capacity (fly bays): 102,000 lbs

  • Towing Requirements: Standard Tandem 3 Axel Semi Tractor

  • Time in Basic Mode: 2 hours with 8 stagehands

  • Time in Beast Mode, with work wings and covers: 10 hours with 16 stagehands

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