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For over a decade StagePro has provided unparalleled professional audio/video support in North America. From the world's greatest entertainers to the President of the United States, StagePro has earned the reputation for reliability, affordability and professionalism. 

One call can secure sound, lights, video, roof, stage, transportation, and crew. From one-offs to temporary installations, StagePro delivers production support that is second to none. We don't simply want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them.



Although lacking in the ease and excitement of it's new cousin, the hydraulic, conventional stages still have a time and a place. StagePro's conventional stage is still the leader in both setup time and strength. When the job requires more space, or if the hydraulic can't get into the selected show site, or even if the event is simply indoors, this package is simply the best. As you can see form the pictures, the possibilities are endless. In the Water, in the bleachers, on the moon, or even on a barge, when you have to have it in that strange place, StagePro has the answer.




APEX 534038

New World Record For Trim Height

StagePro Mobile Stages LLC have increased trim height on their new APEX 534038 to an impressive +35' surpassing any other Hydraulic Mobile Stages manufactured to date. Measuring a full 50'w x 40' d x 38'h this stage can be set up in a fraction of the time compared to conventional staging using minimal labor. 

The APEX 534038 also features a load-bearing roof structure with a capacity of 32,000 lbs and fly bay weight load capacity of 6,000 lbs per side. The floor height is adjustable from 4' to '6 rated at 150 lbs per sq. ft. 



StagePro uses the patented RYNO truss system that is based on original drawings by StagePro founder, Jay Waller. The aluminum system is modular and flexible, but retains strong reliable structural integrity. 

RYNO Truss Systems utilize an integrated apex system on vertical towers with 10' lighting truss. The roof contains a standard par can based lighting system. By integrating the lighting system and roof, the need to hire separate lighting and roofing companies is eliminated. The 10' X 10' apexed grid assembly is capable of supporting several tons (dependent on it's configuration) and is convenient for acts to suspend extra equipment. 

RYNO Roof Systems are unique in their design. Most roof systems are not apexed and shed rain poorly. Industry standard apexed roofs often add the apex assembly to a square grid, then suspend the lighting system underneath. This method adds bulk and labor to assembly time. This was before the RYNO Roof System. 

Roof Footprints
105 x 37.5 - 10 Tower System
45 x 35 - 4 Tower System
45 x 35 - 6 Tower system w/ wings
65 x 37.5 - 6 Tower system
85 x 35 - 8 Tower system


The lighting system can be customized to accommodate small venues to the largest of arenas. 

StagePro has designed and assembled high performance lighting systems featuring Leprecon dimmers and Avolites Consoles. 

The Lighting department at StagePro has designed and performed jobs ranging from DVD Shoots and TV Shows, to full rock concert packages.

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StagePro operates one of North America's leading live event sound and light companies. StagePro specializes in providing the highest quality technical support and services to clients. StagePro understands what it takes to produce a successful event. StagePro staffers are devoted to quality at all levels and have the experience to deliver it. 

StagePro designs custom packages to accommodate different events to provide the best available coverage -- without going overboard, on the budget. 

StagePro takes pride in using industry standard sound components.